by Chasing Traits

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Luke Scrivens
Ben Tansey
Brad Malbon
James Taylor

Sam Bloor

Andy Welsh


released March 3, 2014



all rights reserved


Chasing Traits Staffordshire, UK

4 piece band from Stoke-on-Trent, UK.

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Track Name: Jagged Stone
Oh, great heart, can you dissect enough to understand?
Oh, you faithful, you can't swallow what's beneath your skin.

As hollow as the jagged stone facing the world's end,
Let's crawl into our own abyss,
So pretty and sickly,

Oh, destroyer, can you see my seams?

We'll claim the world's blind because we have lost our seams in a world where we all fade into one,
We're all playing martyr, we're all playing martyr.

Just waiting to bleed us dry.
Track Name: The Ballad of a Narcissist
I spend my time with my eyes peeled,
I can't be safe without an exit,
I fear that growth is the end of me and all I know,
Because everybody's watching me to see if I will prosper, me to see if I will burn,
Because everybody's waiting.

We're all the kings and queens in our heads, but everybody's waiting for the crown to fall.
My pride will be crushed in the end.
Because we're not all away from the hands of observers, we're not all away from the axe and the furnace, I know that I can cut and that I will burn.

Cause we can lose all that we've gained when we see ourselves so great at this game.
We are such gods at the top, so lifeless and dead, we're at home in your head.

Oh I know I'll fall down, bruise my face on the hard ground, cut my teeth on the black shards,
But I'll hold fast to all of my flaws, because I can't lose sight of this skin upon my bones.

Do you wanna go home with a smile at what you've built?
Do you wanna go home and be alone inside your cage?
Track Name: Consolation
Can you hear it in my voice?
I still dream of those sick tales where colours collide forming a faith I'll cling to,
Where it's no cliff I dive from, it's a pier out to the sea.

I'll hold my breath so I can hear you speaking quiet,
I'll build my own hell till your face becomes clear.

There's no place to go, there's no place.

I'll hold my breath so I can hear you speaking quiet,
I'll build my own hell till your face becomes clear.
Track Name: Chase Dream
Harboured somewhere beneath the floorboards of my darkest young chase dreams,
I found some time lost, some I lost when I was scared of losing face,
Oh how we pledged to keep this time wrapped up inside our awful grip,
Perhaps we fell down,
Perhaps we missed out,
Perhaps we spaced it all this time.

If I learn to question everything I know and all its worth, would I learn to keep my eyes open and fixed upon the shore?

Sitting in the dark, shaking hands, frozen still and short breath, trying not to make a sound, sitting in the dark, shaking hands, frozen still and short breath.